Thimio’s House


“A marvellous, epic, symphony of a novel” Richard Francis

Fish  is an idealistic young musician whose life is in meltdown. Gabrielle is  an archaeologist who has uncovered something frightening and needs to  get away. The couple escape to economically decimated Greece where they  take up residence at the abandoned house of Fish’s late father, Thimio.

The arrival of a rebellious lifeguard, a love-struck schoolteacher and an Albanian puppeteer, prompts Fish to follow his utopian dream of  creating a new society. But as the heat of the Greek summer rises and  tensions in the fledgling ‘republic’ increase, the unspoilt Aegean  shoreline plays host to a series of unexplained events that threatens  the future of the community.

With the sounds of Fish’s imaginary orchestra playing throughout,  Thimio’s House builds towards an emotional crescendo and a shocking  revelation.

Lyrical and satirical, funny and sad, sensuous and intellectual, gentle  and traumatic, John Kefala Kerr’s remarkable debut novel is about the  raw unhappiness of modern society and an ancient vision of utopia.