List of Works


John Kefala Kerr

Thimio’s House (2010)

Uncommercial Plainsongs of the 21st Century (2010)
small ensemble

Fise (Blow) (2010) installation

Strawberry Loop (2007)
animated film score

AirSpace (2005)
a/v installation  
A Composer’s Election Blog (2005)
performance writing, BBC Radio 4
Beyond Belief (2002-05)
cycle of four operas: Icon of the Nativity (2001), Testament (2002), Passion (2002), Creation (2003)

Triptych (Antwerp) (2004) a/v installationUs (Kitchen Sink Karaoke) (1996) karaoke opera

The WayWe Live (2003) dvd soundtrack

Logos (2001)
small ensemble, soprano, digital sound, narrators & sfx

Hidden Rivers (2003) soundtrack

Phoney Opera (2002)
telephone audiodrama

The Egg (2001) site-specific installation

Foley's Lament (2001)
small ensemble, digital sound, narratorsm sfx

Devotions (Book 3) (2000)
solo piano

Untitled (2000)

Broadcast series of audiogenic pieces, commissioned by Select 107 FM.

Year of the Artist Commission, June-Jul 2000

Epitaphios (2000)

Ensemble, glass harmonica, soprano & digital sound.

Commissioned by the National Glass Centre, 3rd & 4th July 2000

Us (Kitchen Sink Karaoke) (1996)

Music theatre.  KOPCo, Westfalenhallen, Dortmund, 25 June 2000/Newcastle Playhouse, 16 Oct 2000.

In Yer Head (2000)

Audio-visual installation, collaboration with Andrew Hardie (filmmaker) & Sean Burn (writer), commissioned by Spacetime Projects, Jerwood Gallery, Natural History Museum, London, July 2000

Solaris (2000)

Video soundtrack, Indigo Multimedia (dir. John Adams).

Apr 2000

Us (Kitchen Sink Karaoke (1996)

Music theatre, KOPCo, Haydon Lodge, Northumberland, 6 July 2000

Tempus Fugit (2000)

Performance installation soundtrack, collaboration with David Napthine (writer), Sarah Pauley (designer) & Ali McCaw (animator), commissioned by Changeling Productions, July 2000

Eikonostasi 7Up (1999)

Ensemble, soprano, recorded sound, Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Talisman Ensemble, Hexham, 25 June 1999

Hb (1999)

Multi-site performance event, commissioned by Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexham. Talisman Ensemble/KOPCo, July 1999

Makeover Melodrama (1999)

Music theatre sketch, KOPCo, Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexham, 25 June 1999

Giggling Girls Choir (1999)

Female choir, KOPCo, Haydon Bridge High School, 4 April 1999

Crying Kids Chorus (1999)

Children’s choir, KOPCo, Haydon Bridge High School, 4 April 1999

Kosovo Pascha (1999)

Steel pans.  The Sunshine Panners, Haydon Bridge High School, 4 April 1999.

Spitting Love

Theatre score, commissioned by Future Tense/New Writing North,
Customs House Theatre, 24 March 1999/Future Tense Festival, Newcastle Playhouse, 7 April 1999

Fire (1998)

Animated film soundtrack, (dir. Roya Kafi-Rezaee).

Seesaw (1998)

Theatre score, commissioned by Quarantine (dir. Richard Gregory), Gulbenkian Studio Theatre, Newcastle, 6 June 1998

Tell Me (1998)

Theatre score, commissioned by Northern Stage (dir. Richard Gregory), Donmar Warehouse, London, 9-14 March 1998

Triptych (1998)

Installation sound, commissioned by Northern Stage (dir. Richard Gregory), Centre for Performance Research Aberystwyth, Tramway Glasgow, Playhouse Newcastle, April 1998

Devotions (Book 1) (1997)

Piano solo.  Show Up event, Old Town Mission, North Shields, 6 Dec 1997

Cradle (1996)

Dance score, commissioned by David Massingham Dance, Bloomsbury Theatre, London, 17th & 18th May 1996

Junk Male (A Novelty Space Age Mini-Opera) (1995)

Music theatre, KOPCo, Gulbenkian Studio Theatre, Newcastle, Sept 1995

Shouting Male Voice Choir (1995)

Male choir, KOPCo, Gulbenkian Studio Theatre, Newcastle, Sept 1995

Music for Public Kissing (1995)

Solo piano/2 actors, KOPCo, Gulbenkian Studio Theatre, Newcastle, Sept 1995

Encyclopedie des Farces et Attrapes et des Mystifications (1994)

Music theatre sketches, KOPCo, Gulbenkian Studio Theatre, Newcastle, Sept 1995

The Nest of Spices (1995)

Theatre score, commissioned by Northern Stage (dir. Richard Gregory), Electricity Generating Station, Wallsend, Oct 1995

The Line of Least Resistance (1994)

Dance score, commissioned by David Massingham Dance
Gulbenkian Studio Theatre, Newcastle, 28th & 29th October 1994

Piano Sonata No. 1 (Patsy) (1993)

Solo piano (version with choreography & video by Tandem Dance,
Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London, 23 May 1993

ICFTU (1993)

Video soundtrack, commissioned by Merlin Films (dir. John Eden)
International Congress of the Federation of Trades Unions, Brussels, July 1993

Drive (1993)

Dance score, commissioned by Tandem Dance
(chor. Trish Winter), University of Sunderland, 30 Sept 1993/
DLI Museum & Arts Gallery, Durham, 1 Oct 1993/Dance City, Newcastle, 22 Oct 1993

Joshua's Trumpet (1992)

Brass quintet, commissioned by English Brass Ensemble,
St Nicholas' Church, Northumberland, Oct 1992

Motorola (1992)

Saxophone quartet, commissioned by Northern Saxophone Quartet,
Teatro Rossini, Pesaro, September 1992

Mortal (1992)

Free bass accordion, recorded sound & digital delay, commissioned by Sonic Arts Network, James Crabb, Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London, 9 May 1992/
Atelier St Anne, Brussels, 5 Oct 1992

Panagia 1990

Orchestra, mixed chorus, violin, cello, sampler, commissioned by Newcastle Dance 90
(chor. Trish Winter), All Saints Church, Newcastle, 9 & 10 Nov 1990

Comics (1990)

Yamaha WX7/DX7 & SPX90, commissioned Peter Nichols
International Saxophone Congress, Wakefield College,
October 1990

Palomar's Dream (1990)

Amplified tenor sax & recorded sound, commissioned by Peter Nichols, Darlington Arts Centre, April 1990

Juke Box for the End of Time (1989)

Digital sound, commissioned by the Electric Music Festival UK, November 1989

The Massacre of Innocents (1988)

Sound Installation, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York
Chapel of St. Boniface, March-April 1988

String Quartet No. 1 (Meltemi) (1984)
Hanson Quartet, Royal Over-Seas League, London, Oct 1987

Buffoon (1983)

Brass quintet, English Brass Ensemble, St John's Smith Square, London, March 1987

NohoSoho (1986)

Ensemble & sfx, New Chamber Players, Literary & Philosophical Society, Newcastle, Oct 1986

Mystery & Revelation (1986)

Amplified ensemble & recorded sound, commissioned by New Chamber Players
Darlington Arts Centre, May 1986

Teras (1986)

Piano & digital sound, John Flinders, BMIC, London, Sept 1986

Abstract 1 (1981)

Piano solo, John Flinders, Millfield House Arts Centre, London, Dec 1986

Pnoe (1985)

Large ensemble & sfx, Guildhall Music Ensemble, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, June 1985

Epsilon (1985)

Wind quintet, commissioned by the Epsilon Wind Quintet, Wigmore Hall, London, Nov 1985

Abstract 2 (1985)

Classical guitar, Misak Katushian, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, May 1985

Abstract 3(1993)

Solo cello, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Alexander Baillie,
St Paul's Church, Huddersfield, Nov 1983