Recording at Low Hauxley

Glasgow-based Soprano Alison MacNeil

SANCTUARY_audio preview

Sanctuary is a bird-inspired audio installation commissioned by Amble Development Trust.

The work is accessed via the bird trail app currently being developed by Animmersion. Sanctuary draws connections between the avian and the human by transforming people’s singing voices into ‘birdcalls’ and birdcalls into human-like vocalisations. The result is an audio work scored for a hybrid ensemble of singers, musical instruments, digital sounds and an unlikely chorus of people and birds.

Technically, the soundtrack employs digital tools to alter the pitch and duration of audio material: bringing birdcalls into the human vocal range and sending human voices into the birdcall register. Sounds have been gathered from a variety of sources, including recordings of local people whose ‘birdified’ voices form part of the sonic texture.