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Fray is a work in progress that explores the traditions and practices of fabric production on the Isle of Mull. Through a series of sketches (compositions, texts, performances), audiences are invited to consider pattern, hue and texture as translated via the interwoven sounds and rhythms of the island and its ecology, soundscape and culture. The work seeks to fray boundaries between music/sound, language and woven materials and to encourage listeners to meditate on the connections between the visual, auditory and tactile senses. Fray was initiated as part of my 2022/23 Associate Artist residency at An Tobar and Mull Theatre on the Isle of Mull.

Read the Poetry Pamphlet

Work in progress performance of Fray @ Dry Water Arts, Northumberland, Feb 2024

Extract of projected video and audio from the live performance version of Fray.

“Piano Weave” FRAY open studio rehearsal, An Tobar Arts Centre, Isle of Mull, April 2023