Encyclopedie des Farces et Attrapes et des Mystifications


Encyclopedie des Farces et Attrapes et des Mystifications

Selected Performances
Gulbenkian Studio Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, 15th & 16th September 1995, KOPCO


The Transfiguration of the Teddy Bears (piano), 2′
£100,000 Worth of Jewellery (amplified jewellery), 2′
Hommage de Biro (amplified ball point pens and soundtrack), 6′.30
The Reproduction Karaokophone (custom synthesizer solo), 5′
Stylus Study 1 (March) (turntable & military band vinyl record), 2′
Stylus Study 2 (Party) (turntable & tijuana vinyl record), 2′
A Little Piece of Love (piano), 3′
A Little Piece of Peace (piano), 2′
A Little Piece of Cake? (piano), 1′
Shouting Male Voice Choir (male voices), 2′
Ianucci Tutting Bomb (male voices), 1′
The Stockholm Stylus Orchestra (3 turntables & drum kit), 4′
Marinetti’s 1st Lullaby (soundtrack), 4′
Marinetti’s 2nd Lullaby (soundtrack), 4′
CIA Sound Sculpture (digital sound), 5′
Birds Down My Trousers (performer &  soundtrack), 1′
Debut Rollerblading (rollerblading troupe & soundtrack), 5′
The Electric Nose Award (4 trumpets), 2′
Barbie for Men (piano, bass gtr, baritone sax, fem voice), 4′
Danger Island (Don’t Go There!) (voice & soundtrack), 1′:50
Giggling Girls Choir (female voices), 3′
Music Shop (6 performers & music shop), 12′
How to Walk (Exercises 1, 2 & 3) (2 performers, Yamaha PSS-50, piano), 6′
Crying Kids Chorus (under 7′s voices), 2′
Novelty War-Zone Chill-Out Sonata (soundtrack album) 13′
Martian Karaoke (soundtrack), 4’