Multimedia Installation

“In the shadow of Amy Johnson, Charles Lindbergh, Antoine de Saint Exupery, Brian Milton and Jennifer Murray et al, composer and private pilot John Kefala Kerr enacts real-time flights between various global locations. Armed with flight simulator software, JKK traverses virtual distances using a virtual single-engine piston aircraft, navigating technically challenging routes with refuelling stops at key locations.”

AirSpace explores the theme of identity via the metaphor of endurance flight, conflating the transcendent myth of ‘the skies’ and the abstract regulatory legalism of ‘airspace’ as defined by Control Zones – ATZs, ASRs,TMAs etc—the piece seeks to narrate dilemmas of fixing, orienting and locating geographical and spiritual self.

AirSpace enacts the navigational practices associated with solo flight, draws on historical and biographical accounts and uses simulation, live action, video projection, composed music and soundscapes gathered from below the various flightpaths. En-route, the ‘airspace’ of the piece itself—the gallery, theatre, site etc.—undergoes an accretive transformation as the disposable ephemera of global tourism —burger cartons, plastic cups etc.— pile up, along with the collected artefacts of cultural specificity.


First Performance
19 October 2002, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, prod. KOPCO